Miles to Share 2022 – VoltandFast

Miles to Share 2022

Voltandfast and Miles to Share join forces again this year to raise awareness and fund to help cancer fighter finds their way to get their life back.

Consciously, we know that cancer is always near us. But showing concern for them is not easy either. With the momentum in October as breast cancer awareness month, one of the most consistent cancers that has claimed the lives of women in Indonesia, we will do something about it.

#Kalahkankanker jersey for you.
All profits from the sale will be channeled to research (by the CISC foundation) to support the ease of service for cancer fighters and survivors in Indonesia.
In addition, this jersey is also made as a reminder that all around us there are patients, care givers or those who have lost due to cancer.

Let's make this world a better place for them, together.